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Really nice start for a game. I found it gets easier as you go along and power up your ship. Particularly liked the jump portal at the beginning!

Hey thanks so much for playing my game! I really appreciate it. :-)

I stopped after 4000 pts because once you have good guns you can just leave the game untouched and kill everything =) but it's a very good game! Congrats!

Maybe you could add an alternate enemy which tries to catch up by behind to avoid the mentionned exploit. Still a solid contribution to the 2 buttons jam, thx!

Thank you so much for playing my game. I had a  "tank" eenemy that would mix up the gameplay a bit, but it just wasn't working in time for submission. I plan on expanding the game to include many different enemy types and boss battles over the next month or so. Thanks for organizing this jam!

Also good suggestion on having an enemy that tries to get behind you. Will try to implement that.